The ultimate fungal nail treatment package
Fungal Nail Treatment at That Footshop Ltd.

A fungal nail infection can be tough to get rid of, here at That Footshop we recognised that we needed to employ some of the best equipment and expertise available to banish those fungal blues for good! We use an innovative four stage approach!


Stage One – 5 Minute Fungal Test.

Testing for the presence of fungus in the nails hasn’t always yielded the most accurate results, it depended on the practitioner getting a sample of the fungus and the sample being of good enough quality for the labs to test it. We use specialist technology to collect a sample accurately and painlessly from the most appropriate site on or below the nail. We then use a specially developed 5-minute fungal test kit developed by Specialist Podiatrist Dr Ivan Bristow. Dr Bristow is a well-respected expert in his field of dermatological podiatry. This test determines if this sample is indeed fungal or not. Its quick, painless, and accurate. Determining whether the problem with the nail is fungal or not could save you time and money on choosing the right treatment.


Stage Two – Clearanail.

Many over the counter fungal nail treatments contain ingredients that have proven very effective to treat fungal infections; however, the treatment may not be effective if it doesn’t get directly to the fungus to treat it. Nails are tough structures, we use a Clearanail machine which drills small holes into the nail. This technology is extremely accurate and has an in-built mechanism that stops the drill once it has gone through the nail.  This means we are not causing damage to the nail bed; it doesn’t hurt and importantly, delivers treatment to the place it is needed, usually under the nail.


Stage Three – Pact Machine

Once the small holes have been drilled into the nail, we now need to make the nail sensitive to change. A photosensitive gel is applied to the infected nail for 9 minutes then it is exposed to the Pact laser irradiating the nail plate using a specific wavelength.  Again, this process is pain free.


Stage Four –  Aftercare.

Once the Pact treatment is over, the nail is flushed off with saline solution to clear all the drill holes from the Clearanail. The nail is then dried, and Lamisil anti-fungal spray is applied to the nail which soaks into the holes. Lamisil is given to self-treat the nail, Clotrimazole to treat around the nail and Clinisept+ to treat inside the footwear and socks.  All of these treatments have been chosen for their excellent fungicidal properties, using them together is a triple threat to stubborn fungal infections.

You have to be tough on fungal nail infections and this package has been carefully put together to utilise some of the best technologies in the fight against fungal infections.


How long is the treatment and how many will I need?

Each appointment is approximately 1 hour long. To effectively treat the fungus, the nail, the foot, footwear etc you will need 3 appointments, spaced 8 weeks apart.


How much does it cost?

5 Minute Fungal Test £30

Session Treatments £100 for as many nails as we can treat in an hour.

Aftercare pack £25


Will it get rid of my fungal nail infection?

We believe that this is the most effective solution to combat fungal nails, all of the technologies and products have been chosen because they offer the best results.


Will I need all three treatments?

This will be assessed as we go along, and we will give you our recommendations. The decision with any treatment is up to you.


How does this compare with other treatments?

There are lots of treatments for fungal nails, ranging from store cupboard ingredients to lacquers etc, however you can be assured our decision to offer this package over others has been based on scientific evidence. We have looked at the efficacy of all treatments and chosen out approach from what we believe to be the most effective solutions.