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David Nicholls, BSc Hons SRCh MChS

David is a highly skilled Podiatrist registered with the Health Professionals Council (HPC). He specialises in the fields of; Biomechanics, Sports Injuries and Orthotics in which he has worked for over 10 years within both the public and private sector.

His extensive experience includes working with Physiotherapists and Orthopaedic surgeons, professional sports people, Armed services contracts and research into the prediction of biomechanical injury in army recruits and taking Medico-legal cases. He has also worked with numerous companies to develop a computerised form of biomechanical assessment.

As our practitioners are HPCP registered this means we have had to attain certain qualifications so we can call ourselves Podiatrists.

The two lead practitioners David and Nicola Nicholls have a wealth of experience spanning over 10 years in both the public and private sectors specialising in biomechanics and sports injuries. We also have close links with local Physiotherapy clinics and Orthopaedic surgeons allowing onward referral and a multidisciplinary approach to treatment of biomechanical problems.

David’s specialist interests include developmental gait analysis and supplying insoles to children; shoe wear and its consequences; neurophysio referrals; sports injuries and performance assessment; video analysis of bicycle and golfing posture.

Nicola also has a special interest in pelvic girdle pain in pregnant women and its amelioration by orthotics

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