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Orthotics are the devices made to fit into shoes to help correct the wearer’s biomechanical problems. Designed to achieve a balance between the left and right side of the body, they ease the strain on your muscles and joints by improving your weight distribution.

Pain occurs when one of muscles or joints is being under or overworked. A set of custom-made orthotics will help to readdress the balance, ensuring that every part of your body performs its fair share.

That Foot Shop making orthotics

At That Foot Shop, our orthotics are perfected over a series of appointments, through trial and review, they are constantly improved to offer maximum benefit and longevity.

We pride ourselves on having our orthotics made in-house by a team of trained experts. This way we can get to know our clients inside out, and ensure that everyone receives a bespoke product that is tailor-made to their biomechanical needs.

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